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The Wax-Powered
Fast Facial

The Wax-Powered Fast Facial

The Wax-Powered
Fast Facial

Reveal your best skin in 30 minutes or less with our innovative wax-powered, heat-amplified, skin-revitalizing facial treatment. 

Buy 3 Fast Facials + Get 1 FREE

Buy 3 Fast Facials, Get 1 FREE

(that's a savings of 25%!)

We're Bringing The Heat To Skincare

We're Bringing The Heat To Skincare

We're Bringing The Heat To Skincare

The Wax-Powered Fast Facial from European Wax Center is a patent-pending, revitalizing treatment that combines the power of heat, our exclusive Thermaceutical Wax™, and high-performance serums to reveal your best skin yet. This innovative treatment and at-home skincare therapy has been clinically tested to deliver visible results immediately and over time. 

Interested in trying our Wax-Powered Fast Facial for yourself? Find a facial near you exclusively at select European Wax Center locations.

Bringing the Heat. Revealing You. Revealing Beautiful Skin® 

How Our Fast Facial Works

This revolutionary face skincare treatment reveals beautiful skin in under 30 minutes.

Choose Your Benefit Infusion

Our three Cireceutical Strength™ Serum-Elixir Boosters are actives developed to treat your skin. Leaving skin youthful, radiant and clear.

Exactingly Crafted Wax Formula

Our exclusive Thermaceutical Wax™ is heated and slowly warmed to a safe, soothing temperature to caress your skin in a velvety cocoon.

Bring the Heat

Our Wax-Powered Fast Facial dramatically amplifies skincare results by boosting actives deeper into the skin, improving the look of your skin immediately and over time.

Our Wax-Powered Fast Facial is available in Youth, Brightening, and Clarifying treatments so you can choose the mini facial service that best benefits your skin.

Youth Thérapie

Rejuvenate your skin with our liquid youth treatment. With powerful pro-collagen peptide infusions, this anti-aging facial treatment helps to promote healthy, youthful skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots and evens the skin tone. Moisturizing ingredients boost skin’s firmness, plumping it with hydration.

Clinical Results


effective in improving the appearance
of fine lines + wrinkles


improves skin hydration


of cases showed improved skin evenness


improves skin texture

Brightening Thérapie

Shine brighter with radiant, glowing skin. Infused with powerful Vitamin C, this brightening facial treatment naturally brightens skin, while papaya extract works to smooth the texture. Transform dull, lifeless skin by visibly improving skin tone and the appearance of spots, as hydrating ingredients leave the skin feeling soft and supple after your mini facial. 

Clinical Results


improves skin hydration


improves skin radiance


of cases showed improved
skin evenness

Clarifying Thérapie

Detox, rebalance and clear your skin. Infused with fine-milled rice powder, this hydrating facial uses a clarifying treatment to decrease oil and shine on the face. The treatment minimizes the appearance of pores while hydrating elements work to soothe and calm the skin, leaving you feeling refreshed. 

Clinical Results


of subjects had a decreased
appearance of pore size


improves skin moisture

Results based on 6-week clinical study that evaluated efficacy of this service with one of the three infused serums and used the applicable product system. Results may vary.

Wax-Powered Fast Facial FAQs

The Wax-Powered Fast Facial Explained

How is the Wax-Powered Fast Facial different from a regular facial?

Our Fast Facial is an innovative treatment using the application of heat powered wax to infuse boosters into the skin as opposed to an extraction process typically associated with a facial. 

Is any hair removed during the treatment?

No. Unlike our exclusive Comfort Wax™ we use for hair removal, our Thermaceutical Wax™does not remove hair. Any hair removal waxing services would becompleted prior to the Wax-Powered Fast Facial.

How hot is the Thermaceutical Wax™  when applied to the face?

The Thermaceutical Wax™ melts at 135°, but when we apply it to your face, it's a warm-yet-comfortable temperature (we liken it a warm bath). But don't worry—we'll ask at the start of application to ensure the temperature is comfortable for you.

What is Thermaceutical Wax™?

Our Thermaceutical Wax™ is an exclusive formula and technology made exclusively for European Wax Center. It provides heat technology that amplifies skincare results by boosting actives deeper into the skin, delivering a striking improvement in the look of skin immediately and over time.

Health + Skin Concern FAQs
Is the Wax-Powered Fast Facial safe if I'm pregnant?

Yes. However, every pregnancy is different. If you have any concerns, we encourage you to consult your physician before starting a new skincare regimen.

I break out easily. Is it still okay to get a Fast Facial?

Our Fast Facial has been extensively tested and is gentle enough for all skin types. However, if you tend to break out easily, we recommend the Clarifying treatment to balance facial oils while still nourishing the skin. Our Clarifying Treatment and Serum-Elixir are great for all skin types, including acne-prone skin.

Should I get a Fast Facial if I have sensitive skin?

Absolutely! Our Fast Facial has been tested on all skin types, including sensitive skin. 

If I have special skin concerns (rosacea, acne or use of Retin-A or accutane) what should I do?

We recommend not using Retin-A seven days prior to treatment and seven days after treatment. Using Retin-A can make skin more sensitive and may interfere with receiving the best results. If you're taking Accutane, you should have stopped taking it six months prior to receiving a treatment.

For other skin or health concerns—or if you're using any prescription skin medications or products—we recommend you check with your doctor before beginning any new skincare regimen.

Can I get a Fast Facial if I've recently received Botox, microdermabrasion or another facial injectable?

Many of our guests utilize different methods to take care of their skin. Our recommendation for the average wait time between most injectables and a Fast Facial is two weeks. Although the exact time frame is ultimately up to you, it's a good idea to check with your injection specialist or esthetician to determine how long to wait before continuing other means of facial treatments.

Process + Policy FAQs
Can I get a regular wax service and still get a Fast Facial?

Yes, you can receive waxing services prior to your Fast Facial. You may experience more redness after a fast facial if you've recently had a facial wax, which is normal for those who have sensitive skin. You can discuss your best plan of action with your Wax Specialist prior to your service. 

How often can I get a Fast Facial?
Can I wear makeup after I get a Fast Facial?

Yes.  After your treatment, your skin is going to be radiant and glowing. Makeup can be applied and will go on even smoother! 

Does the First Wax Free offer still apply?

If you're a first-time guest at European Wax Center, you're still eligible for our First Wax Free  promotion. You can always book your waxing services

first and then finish your visit with a Fast Facial.

Is there a Wax Pass for Fast Facials?

Our Fast Facial Wax Pass is buy 3 facials and get 1 FREE—a savings of 25%!

What to Expect FAQs
Do I need to remove my makeup prior to my Fast Facial?

You may if you wish, though we do use a micellar infused wipe to remove all oils and makeup from the face area prior to the service, and follow that by cleansing the skin with our gentle Purifying Gel-Lotion Cleanser. Note: this does not apply to the removal of eye makeup. 

About how long does it take to complete a Fast Facial?

You can be in and out in under 30 minutes! 

Will I break out after my first Fast Facial?

Because our Fast Facial promotes natural detoxifying and balancing of the skin, it's possible you could experience a breakout. However, our Fast Facial treatment has been extensively tested and is gentle enough for all skin types.

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