Brow Tint

Say hello to bold and beautiful brows! Define, darken, and enhance your eyebrows with our eyebrow tinting service designed to give you fuller-looking brows. It’s the perfect makeup-free alternative for sculpting amazing brows. Available at select centers.

Brow Tint Shades

Our wax specialists use a best-in-class brow tint formula to color your eyebrows with one of our five universal shades. Our semi-permanent eyebrow tint formula that is ophthalmologist tested, non-irritating, and PH-balanced only dyes hair (not your skin), and gives you fuller, more defined brows that last up to three weeks.

What to Expect

Here’s how our wax specialists create flawless brows that accentuate your natural beauty and frame your face.



Where can I get my eyebrows tinted near me?

European Wax Center specializes in sculpting and maintaining beautiful brows. Complete your brow wax with our brow tinting service designed to darken, define, and give you fuller-looking eyebrows. With hundreds of locations across the United States, it’s easy to keep your eyebrows in check at a European Wax Center near you. Find your nearest wax center today to book a reservation.

How much is it to get your eyebrows tinted?

Our brow tint service is the same price as a brow wax. The price of these services may vary by location. To learn more about pricing, contact a European Wax Center near you.

How to tint eyebrows: an EWC guide

Get bold brows in only a matter of minutes! Our eyebrow tinting service is quick, easy, and gives results that last up to three weeks. 

1. Our experts cleanse your brows to make sure they are clean and makeup-free

2. Our ophthalmologist-tested, semi-permanent brow tint is applied and evenly distributed through your eyebrows. Choose any of our five universal shades for a natural, flawless look.

3. Activator is applied to your brows.

4. The semi-permanent brow tint and activator are removed with a cleanser to reveal your new brows.

Get more in-depth information about our eyebrow tinting process.


Keep your brows looking beautiful. Follow these easy care instructions after your brow tint to maintain maximum boldness in between your reservations.

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