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The Time is Brow

Your brows open up your face, and when done right, give you the perfect look! Our Wax Specialists are here to help you find just the right volume, arch and shape.

A slight ouch

A little discomfort is completely normal during your first-ever eyebrow waxing, but guess what? It'll hurt less and less with each time visit.

Take a little off the top

Your eyebrow Wax Specialist might use small scissors to snip your longer hairs, so if you see a trimmer come out, that's why.

A tweeze here & there

After waxing, your eyebrow Wax Specialist may tweeze your brows to perfection by removing any pesky strays.

A smidgen of red

The skin around your brows may become red after eyebrow waxing, so if you're going to an event, schedule a wax three days before, just to be safe.

Brow Shapes & Techniques

Not sure about what shape brow best suits your face? That's where our experts come in! 

Your individual face will determine which brow shape our Wax Specialist will recommend, and they'll work with you to make sure you love the end result.
Below are some guidelines based on common face shapes.

square shaped eyebrows


Square faces have well-defined, sharp angles naturally, so a round or soft angled brow will create a balanced look.

round shaped eyebrows


With round faces, sharp angled brows with a high arch look best and help to create defined lines that flatter.

long or oval eyebrow waxing shape

Long or Oval:

Long or oval faces benefit from having soft arches or a flat brow; having an arch that's too high can elongate the face.

heart-shaped eyebrows


Heart-shaped faces look best with a natural, soft-angled arch that draws just the right attention to the upper half of the face.

Eyebrow waxing vs. threading

Eyebrow threading uses a cotton thread to remove short rows of hair from your brow. 

Since threading removes each hair slowly and individually, it can be more painful and uncomfortable than waxing. Threading can also be difficult on sensitive skin, especially if you're an acne sufferer. 

Our trained Wax Specialists use our exclusive Comfort Wax®, which is gentle on even the most sensitive skin. And with waxing, you can achieve a sharper, cleaner brow shape that lasts longer and is less painful to achieve.

Eyebrow waxing vs. tweezing

Just as with threading, tweezing is a slower and sometimes more painful experience than waxing (ever miss the hair and pinch your skin instead?) Tweezing results don't last as long and there's more room for error, since it's easy to over-tweeze your brows which can cause permanent damage. 

However, tweezers are a great way to take care of any pesky, stray hairs that sprout up between waxes.

Eyebrow waxing vs. microblading

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup application, not a hair removal technique. When microblading has been done, the remaining hair will still need to be groomed to keep brows looking perfect. 

Microblading is a painful, expensive procedure that can give a harsher appearance than traditional makeup and can lead to an unnatural looking, semi-permanent result.

Eyebrow waxing vs. DIY

We've all had one of those days: stuck at home, deciding to go it alone on your brows and before you know it, you've removed too much hair, over tweezed, and created an outdated or unnatural shape. 

So stick with the professionals! At EWC, we'll give you a thorough eyebrow waxing consultation to determine what shape is best for your face.

How long does eyebrow waxing last?

To keep your brows looking perfect, we recommend waxing every 2-3 weeks. If this interval is ideal for you, you'll find our Unlimited Wax Pass is a great value.

Which products should I use to make my brows look gorgeous every day?

Our Wax Specialists can help you choose products that are best for your hair color and skin tone so your brows stay looking gorgeous in between reservations. 

 Our brow products are designed to keep your brows looking full and flawless.

microscope to showcase purple clinically tested icon

Clinically tested 

purple icon with water in hand to show dermatologist tested products

Dermatologist tested

paraben & mineral oil free icon

Paraben &

Mineral oil free

purple rabbit icon to represent cruelty-free products

Cruelty Free

After Eyebrow Waxing Services

Follow these five steps for #browfection!

Use our EWC GROOM™ collection to pull off an impeccable look.

purple circle with white 1 icon

Start with the tail

Eyebrow arching graphic

Use short, light strokes to fill in the tail by starting at the arch and extending to the end. Finish into a graceful point.

purple circle with white 2 icon

Build the base

highlighting the base of the eyebrow

Create a baseline across the bottom of the body of the brow.

purple circle with white 3 icon

Frame and fill the body

front part of eyebrow shape outline

Make a parallel line to the baseline and fill the area in between while avoiding the start.

purple circle with white 4 icon

Fill in the start

full brow shape with closed eye

Fill in the inside edge of the brow using a light touch to avoid the “drawn on” effect.

purple circle with white 5 icon

Blend, blend, and blend again

spoolie brush being used to blend eyebrow after waxing

Use the spoolie brush to blend it all together until you accomplish #browfection.

We've got men's grooming covered.

Brow Beaten

Unruly brows? Come see one of our Wax Specialists if you've got stray hairs that extend beyond the browline or if there's a unibrow situation that needs to be fixed. 

Don't Weekend Warrior Your Brows 

It's easy to go overboard when grooming your brows on your own. You also run the risk of getting an unnatural or uneven result.  

Get in Shape 

Our eyebrow experts are trained on the proper eyebrow shapes—we've got you covered, even if you have a lot of hair or really thick brows. 

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