Eyebrow Waxing

Your brows open up your face, and when done right, give you the perfect look. Our Wax Specialists are here to help you find just the right volume, arch and shape.

Brow Shapes & Techniques

Not sure about what shape brow best suits your face? That's where our experts come in.

Your individual face will determine which brow shape our Wax Specialist will recommend, and they'll work with you to make sure you love the end result.

Below are some guidelines based on common face shapes.

  • Square

    Square faces have well-defined, sharp angles naturally, so a round or soft angled brow will create a balanced look.

  • Round

    With round faces, sharp-angled brows with a high arch look best and help to create defined lines that flatter.

  • Long or Oval

    Long or oval faces benefit from having soft arches or a flat brow; having an arch that's too high can elongate the face

  • Heart Shaped

    Heart-shaped faces look best with a natural, soft-angled arch that draws just the right attention to the upper half of the face.

What to Expect

New to eyebrow waxing? Here’s how our Wax Specialists create brows that perfectly shape your face and what you can expect during treatment.



How long does eyebrow waxing last?

To keep your brows looking perfect, we recommend waxing every 2-3 weeks. If this interval is ideal for you, you'll find our Unlimited Wax Pass is a great value.

Which products should I use to make my brows look gorgeous every day?

Our Wax Specialists can help you choose products that are best for your hair color and skin tone so your brows stay looking gorgeous in between reservations. 

Our brow products are designed to keep your brows looking full and flawless.

How do you prepare for eyebrow waxing?

1. The best way to prepare for your eyebrow waxing reservation is to ensure your hair has grown out ⅛ to ¼ of an inch, so the wax can adhere to the hair properly. Avoid tweezing in between reservations to make sure your eyebrows are long enough.

2. If possible, it’s ideal to arrive makeup-free, specifically avoiding brow filler or powder and eyeshadow. A fresh face will ensure your Wax Specialist can easily assess your shape and remove any unruly hairs.

3. Avoid facial cosmetic treatments before your reservation. This includes any cosmetic injectables or facial treatments like microdermabrasion.

4. Be sure to inform your Wax Specialist if you’re currently using any topical medications on your face. Several skincare medications and ingredients like Retin-A, or glycolic acid, can make your skin extra sensitive, and waxing the area can irritate the skin.

Avoid tanning in the sun and spray tanning before your eyebrow wax. Tanning in the sun makes skin overly sensitive, especially if you’re sunburned, and waxing immediately after a spray tan will remove your tan along with those pesky hairs.

How much is a brow wax?

The cost of an eyebrow wax will vary by location. Contact European Wax Center to get more information regarding the price of an eyebrow waxing near you.

How long should hair be to wax?

The length of your brow hairs should be approximately an ⅛ to ¼ of an inch, or the length of a sprinkle in order for the wax to properly adhere to the hairs. Making sure your brows have grown out before your eyebrow waxing will give you the best results.

How long does eyebrow waxing last?

This will vary depending on how fast your hair grows back, but typically a brow waxing lasts three to four weeks. We recommend waxing your eyebrows every two to three weeks to keep your brows looking great.


Eyebrows can make or break your look. Want flawless, face-framing brows every day? Follow these five steps to create that perfectly polished look in between your wax sessions.

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