Gift Cards

Give the gift of smooth. With a variety of occasions to choose from, no expiration date, and redeemable at any of our 1000+ locations, our gift cards are a great way to celebrate every body in your life.


Gift Card FAQs

Will the recipient of the digital gift card get a physical card in the mail?

No, this is a digital gift card that will be sent to the recipient via e-mail only.

Can a guest use a digital gift card for products?

A guest can redeem a digital gift card for services, products and Wax Passes at any EWC Location in the United States. Digital gift cards may not be used for any products or other items purchased online through, or elsewhere.

Can a guest purchase a digital gift card online or on the mobile app?

At this time, digital gift cards can only be purchased online through (the “Webstore”) but not on the EWC mobile app (this feature will be coming soon).

What type of gift cards can a guest purchase?

The digital gift card can be purchased and loaded with USD$ denominations of any amount (e.g., $20.00, $100.00, etc.).

Is there a fee for the guest to purchase a digital gift card?


Is there a fee to the EWC Location and/or Franchisee for the guest to purchase a digital gift card?


Can the recipient of a digital gift card use it at any EWC Location?

Yes, digital gift cards may be used at any EWC Location in the United States.

Can the guest purchase a digital gift card on a payment plan?

No, digital gift cards must be paid in full at the time of purchase.

EWC Digital Gift Card Program Terms and Conditions

  • Except as otherwise provided by law, the following terms and conditions (“Terms”) apply to European Wax Center Digital Gift Cards purchased online through
    (collectively, “Digital Gift Cards”) for a specific European Wax Center location (“EWC Location”)*. You can identify the issuing EWC Location when you see the name of such EWC
    Location in the “Location” field. Digital Gift Cards purchased for a specific EWC Location are issued by and the responsibility of such EWC Location, and your purchase and/or use of such Digital Gift Card indicates your acceptance of these Terms:

    1. Digital Gift Cards may be redeemed for services, products and Wax Passes at any EWC Location in the United States. Digital Gift Cards may not be used for any products
    or other items purchased online through, or elsewhere. Digital Gift Cards are not replaceable or transferable for cash (unless required by law), credit, or other rewards under any circumstances, and cannot be used as payment of any outstanding obligation owed to any EWC Location. Services and prices may vary by location and are subject to change without notice.

    2. Maintenance, dormancy or service fees do not apply to balances on Digital Gift Cards. Digital Gift Cards have no expiration dates.

    3. Digital Gift Cards may be sent via e-mail only, and sender is responsible for ensuring that the intended recipient’s e-mail address is correct. At any point prior to the recipient’s claiming of the Digital Gift Card, sender can update and/or correct the intended recipient’s email address and re-send the Digital Gift Card. European Wax Center and EWC Locations are not responsible and have no liability for any Digital Gift Card that is undeliverable, not received by the intended recipient or claimed by someone other than the intended recipient as a result of inaccurate information provided by sender. Sender may add a personal message (character-limited) to the
    Digital Gift Card by typing the message in the applicable message field. Inappropriate, offensive or otherwise objectionable messages are prohibited. European Wax Center and EWC Locations are not responsible for the content of any personalized message.

  • 4. Digital Gift Card sales are final and non-refundable. Digital Gift Cards that are lost or stolen cannot be replaced. European Wax Center and EWC Locations shall not be responsible for any lost or stolen Digital Gift Cards.

    5. From time to time, you may be awarded with or receive "promotional gift cards" or similar physical or electronic gift cards for no additional payment (collectively, "Promotional
    Cards"). Promotional Gift Cards may have expiration dates, delayed activation dates or may be subject to additional restrictions or exemptions as provided on the Promotional Cards themselves or any packaging or other written materials that accompany such Promotional Cards or any applicable law.

    6. Purchase amounts that exceed the value of the tendered Digital Gift Card will require an additional payment for the balance due.

    7. European Wax Center reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend, modify, limit, restrict, terminate or to otherwise change the Terms of the Digital Gift Card program at any time,
    or to contract with another party to administer this program, without prior notice. Any changes or
    modifications to these terms and conditions and/or the Digital Gift Card Program will be effective immediately and posted on

    8. European Wax Center may deactivate, cancel or suspend any Digital Gift Card if we suspect fraud, unlawful activity or improper Digital Gift Card use. You agree that you will not use a revoked Digital Gift Card. Digital Gift Cards may not be resold except as prohibited by law. Gift cards are not valid, will not be honored, and neither European Wax Center nor any EWC Location will be liable if obtained from unauthorized sellers or resellers, including through
    internet auction sites or if we reasonably believe that the use is unauthorized. fraudulent or
    otherwise unlawful.

    9. For questions or assistance regarding Digital Gift Cards, please contact the issuing EWC Location directly. For further assistance, please contact European Wax Center guest services by telephone at 469-270-6500.

*As used in these Terms, an EWC Location refers, as applicable, to either a licensed independent, third-party owned and operated franchise location or a corporate location owned and operated by EWC Ventures Stores, LLC, or its wholly owned subsidiary or affiliate.