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    girl smiling while holding ice cream
    girl smiling while holding ice cream

    Facial Hair Waxing

    Little places on the face grow hair all the time, on both men and women. It’s one of those funny little things literally no one likes to talk about. But the truth is, growing hair on your chin, neck, face, jaw (you name it) isn’t just real — it’s pretty normal. 

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    That’s why at European Wax Center we offer facial waxing services for both men and women. From achieving the perfect brow wax to removing stubble from the chin, when it comes to facial waxing, we’ve got you covered.

    A waxing appointment with one of our Wax Specialists for facial hair removal will get you on your way to putting your best, and incredibly smooth, face forward.

    girl walking outside smiling back at the camera
    girl walking outside smiling back at the camera



    Reasons you will love waxing your face

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    Because smooth is better

    Facial waxing services remove the facial hair right from the root, as opposed to cutting it off at the surface. This causes the hair to grow back in smoothly and will leave you stubble free after your waxing service.

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    Because it won't break the bank

    No need to stress! You don’t have to make a big investment to have a super smooth face. It’s very affordable to wax small facial areas. Brows, chins, sideburns - you name it!

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    Because you’ll grow less hair

    One of the greatest benefits of waxing facial hair is that the more you wax, the less hair you will grow over time. What could be better?

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    Long lasting results

    The results of facial waxing services can last 2-3 weeks which is much longer than other facial hair removal solutions. Just wax it and forget about it. Perfection!

    girl outside in workout clothes
    girl outside in workout clothes



    purple chin waxing icon


    Chin hair generally is thicker and has stronger roots, making chin waxing a better choice than other hair removal options. While there are other methods for removing chin hair, waxing for hair removal is especially beneficial here.

    purple ear waxing icon


    Ears can be difficult to wax on your own. For those who find yourself in need of ear hair removal, professional facial waxing is, in our opinion, one of the best options.

    purple lip waxing icon


    The more it is done, the less painful it becomes. Remove hard to reach hair around the mouth with our expert lip waxing.

    purple sideburns icon showing the side portfolio of a women

    Sideburns & Hairline

    Almost everyone has sideburns, but having dark or thick sideburns can make you feel self-conscious when wearing your hair short or pulled back. The same goes for having an uneven hairline. Waxing your sideburns and hairline will give you a perfect, clean line.

    purple cheek waxing icon showing the side of the face


    Cheek hair can be difficult to remove due to the hair being so fine and light. Facial waxing can really be a benefit in getting every last pesky strand of facial fuzz. In fact, waxing these areas can make the hair come in finer in the future so it will be even less of a worry.

    purple neck waxing icon


    Some women are surprised to find hairs big and small along their neck. These unwanted fuzzy spots on the front, sides, and back are easily taken care of with waxing for hair removal.

    purple nose waxing icon


    Nose hairs serve a purpose but they can get a bit long and unruly from time to time. A specialist will focus on waxing the outer edge of your nostrils similarly to how you may have used hair trimmers in the past. It’s important to see a Waxing Specialist particularly for this sensitive area to ensure that you do not remove too much hair.

    purple eyebrow waxing icon


    It's all about the eyebrows! Our Wax Specialists are experts on helping to shape the perfect brow. We offer men’s and women’s eyebrow waxing. Check out our full page on all things eyebrow waxing  to learn more.

    woman sitting in a chair on the beach wearing a floppy sunhat
    woman sitting in a chair on the beach wearing a floppy sunhat


    What to Expect

    There are many ways in which you can remove hair from your face. A reservation with one of our Wax Specialists will help you to determine where you should remove any pesky little hairs from your face. If it’s your first time waxing your face, it is important to know what to expect when booking your facial waxing services.

    It is totally normal

    Don’t be embarrassed. It is totally normal to have unwanted hair or peach fuzz on your face...we all do. It’s all about strutting out and feeling confident in your own skin.

    A slight ouch

    Although a little discomfort is completely normal during your first time facial waxing, it will hurt less and less each time you visit.

    A little redness

    Just as with other areas that you wax, the skin around the waxed area may be a little red after your waxing appointment. To play it safe, get a wax about three days before any events.

    Some sensitivity

    Because the skin on your face is generally more sensitive than other areas, you may experience slight sensitivity after your reservation. If you feel extremely sensitive after a face wax, consult a specialist.

    girl and boy in workout clothes running outside
    girl and boy in workout clothes running outside


    Facial Hair Waxing Vs. The Rest

    There are a number of ways you can remove unwanted hair from your face. Here we compare waxing for hair removal to all of the popular hair removal techniques so that you can make an informed decision that is best for your particular situation because we only want the best for you.

    Waxing vs. Threading

    Threading involves using cotton thread to remove short rows of hair from your face. Since threading removes each hair individually, it can be a more painful and uncomfortable experience than face waxing. Additionally, threading can be difficult on sensitive skin, particularly if you are an acne sufferer. With our Exclusive Comfort Wax™ and trained Wax Specialists, our wax can be used on even the most sensitive skin types. It can be difficult to find a trusted and skilled threading practitioner, but with our trained Wax Specialists you are in expert hands every time.

    Waxing vs. Depilatory Creams

    Depilatory creams use chemicals to weaken the hair follicles allowing you to easily wipe the hair away from your skin. These creams can be used at home but because of the harsh chemicals involved they can irritate sensitive skin. Since the skin on your face is especially delicate this may not be a good option. With our Exclusive Comfort Wax™ and trained Wax Specialists, our facial wax can be used on even the most sensitive skin types.

    Waxing vs. Laser Hair Removal

    Laser hair removal is long lasting, but can be very expensive and requires a number of treatment sessions. There are less expensive at-home options, but those can be tricky and potentially dangerous. Additionally, laser hair removal is not recommended for people with darker skin or lighter hair.

    Waxing vs. Tweezing

    Just as with threading, tweezing is a slower and more painful experience than waxing. Results do not last as long and it is easy to miss or break smaller hairs. Some women opt to use an epilator to tweeze hair from the roots more quickly, but this method can be very painful. However, manual tweezers are the best way to take care of any little stray hairs and can be used in between facial waxing services to keep your face silky and smooth.

    Waxing vs. Shaving 

    Recently, face shaving for women has picked up some traction in the beauty world as a cheap option for hair removal. When using a facial razor the results will not be long-lasting, as smoothness only lasts 1-3 days as opposed to 2-3 weeks with facial waxing. It can also cause you to have embarrassing and prickly stubble in between shaves.

    Waxing vs. Bleaching

    Bleaching your unwanted facial hair does not remove the hairs, but just makes them lighter so they aren’t as noticeable. This option may work if you don’t have much hair and don’t mind if it is still visible up close. Additionally, bleaching products may irritate sensitive skin. With our Exclusive Comfort Wax™ and trained Wax Specialists, our wax can be used on even the most sensitive skin types.

    Waxing vs. Natural Recipes

    There are a number of home remedies that claim to get rid of facial hair naturally, but beware of these methods as many are simply old wives’ tales and may not be as effective as facial waxing. Natural recipes for facial hair removal may also have negative or harmful effects due to a lack of product testing.

    girl smiling pushing her hair back
    girl smiling pushing her hair back


    Facial Wax Aftercare

    You will absolutely love how smooth and flawless your new, peach-fuzz-free face will feel when you leave one of our centers. We want to make sure that you know how to maintain your wax so you continue to love the results even in between your reservations.

    Immediate Tips

    • Avoid harsh sunlight, sunbathing, and tanning beds. Wearing sunscreen is highly recommended.

    • Avoid using topical face treatment.

    • Avoid swimming in chlorinated water.

    • Avoid profuse sweating.

    • Avoid touching the area.

    How long will your face or brow wax last?

    Typically, your wax will last 2-3 weeks before you begin to see any regrowth, but as you wax your face more regularly, the density and amount of hair may decrease.

    Ongoing Tips

    Be consistent

    Don’t flip flop between hair removal methods. Once you start waxing for hair removal, stick with only waxing and be consistent about coming in for your services. This will help to ensure that your face stays perfectly smooth.

    Keep it clean

    Wash your skin every morning and every night and never go to bed with makeup on. This will help keep your skin healthy and make regular waxing easier.


    Use an exfoliator to keep skin smooth in between your facial waxing services. The Reveal Me Face Exfoliating Gel is a lightweight, gentle, non-abrasive exfoliator designed to eliminate dry, dull surface cells, support natural cell turnover, and is sure to keep your face flawless.


    Apply a good hydrating serum to avoid dry skin between waxes. EWC’s Renew Me Restoring Serum is amazing for your face because it restores stressed skin while calming irritation and redness. It also defends against free radicals and other skin aging factors, which your skin can be even more susceptible to after waxing. This soft and silky, lightweight serum absorbs instantly into the skin for concentrated, fast-acting results. We recommend using this product every morning and evening followed by a moisturizer.

    Perfect it

    Take advantage of our Strut Boldly Brow Collection to groom, highlight, and perfect your brows between eyebrow waxing services.

    We recommend using our Reveal Me Face Exfoliating Gel three times per week after waxing, but it’s gentle enough for daily use. Just keep in mind that you want to avoid exfoliating 24-48 hours prior to waxing services. In order to reveal soft, gorgeous skin, we recommend applying a thin layer to clean, dry skin with a circular motion until the exfoliation begins to activate.

    Additional Facial Hair Waxing Benefits

    • Exfoliating primes the skin for waxing, as the hairs will be able to slide out more easily from their roots, which can create longer lasting results.

    • Exfoliating helps the skin on your face better absorb your moisturizer and serums, allowing them to work more effectively.

    • Regular exfoliation also reduces your chance of ingrown hairs, which is especially important for women prone to ingrown hairs on the chin and neck, and for men who wax regularly. 

    girl and boy in workout clothes smiling
    girl and boy in workout clothes smiling


    Men's Waxing Service

    Do you feel like it’s a constant struggle to keep your beard style perfect? Sounds like you need to come in for a quick clean up or male wax. Waxing for hair removal can last up to 3 weeks and will grow back lighter and less dense. It makes future clean ups even easier. It’s best to leave your waxing regimen to the professionals as at-home facial waxing for men can be messy and potentially dangerous. A male waxing service at European Wax Center with one of our expert Wax Specialists will have your face perfectly groomed in no time.

    Men can wax a number of different areas on their face in order to get that perfectly groomed look. Below are a few of our popular male waxing services.

    purple ear waxing icon


    Do you get thick, dark hair on your ears? Waxing for hair removal is the best way to remove these hairs and leave your ears totally smooth. It’s best to leave this to the professionals though, as ears can be sensitive and difficult to wax on your own.

    purple nose waxing icon


    We all have nose hairs, and while they do serve a purpose, having excessive hair there is not a good look. By waxing just the outer tip of the nose, similarly to how you may have used hair trimmers in the past, you can easily and painlessly remove any stragglers. It’s important to see a waxing specialist particularly for this sensitive area to ensure that you do not remove too much hair. Ask your wax specialist about protecting facial hair you would like to keep intact, including your mustache.

    purple eyebrow waxing icon


    Guys, grooming your eyebrows is definitely not just for the ladies. It’s important to keep your brows from getting too unruly. Check out our full page on all things eyebrow waxing for men!

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