You'll love how smooth and flawless your new, fuzz-free face will feel when you leave one of our centers. 

We want you to continue to love the results for every day in between reservations, so here are some tips on how to maintain your wax results.

Woman with freshly done eyebrows and eyelashes looking down pushing her hair to the side

To keep in mind:

• Avoid harsh sunlight, sunbathing and tanning beds

• If you must go in the sun, wear sunscreen

• Avoid topical face treatments

• Avoid swimming in chlorinated water

• Avoid profuse sweating

• Avoid touching the area

How long will your face or brow wax last?

Typically, your wax will last 2-3 weeks before you begin to see any regrowth, but as you wax your face more regularly, the density and amount of hair will decrease. 

Additional Exfoliation Benefits

  • Exfoliating primes the skin for waxing by making it easier for hairs to slide out from their roots, which can create longer lasting results.

  • Exfoliating helps the skin on your face better absorb your moisturizer and serums, which means they'll work more effectively.

  • Regular exfoliation reduces your chance of ingrown hairs—great for anyone prone to ingrown hairs on their chin and neck.