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The Mask Me® Sleep Mask will take your skin care to the next level, while minimizing hair re-growth on the bottom half of the face. This hardworking overnight mask delivers 8+ essential hydration benefits to renew and restore skin overnight. This skin care product:  

  • Provides over 8-hours of continuous hydration
  • Locks in moisture and prevents water loss
  • Improves radiance and brightens skin
  • Enhances suppleness and smooths the look of lines
  • Restores the skins natural moisture barrier
  • Hair growth minimizer in the pink mask formula helps visibly reduce the appearance and thickness of hair re-growth in between waxes
All skin types | Non-comedogenic | Does not clog pores I Dermatologist tested | Not formulated with parabens and mineral oils | Cruelty-free

Easy as EWC

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Choose your service and let our Wax Specialists do the rest. Their extensive training and commitment to our hygiene standards means you’ll experience a comfortable wax that leaves you feeling confident.
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After the service, your Wax Specialist can show you what products to use in between waxes to help enhance and extend your amazing results while also caring for your skin.
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Whether you booked a reservation at the end of your last visit, or decide to book online, we’ve made it easy to fit waxing into your schedule and request your favorite Specialist each time.

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