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Shea Hair Minimizing System

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European Wax Center Shea Hair Minimizing System including white container of Shea Body Butter, cream bottle of Shea Body Wash, and white tube of Shea Body Polish on white background

Product Details

If you struggle with dry, flaky skin, our Shea Hair Minimizing System (Ultra-Hydrating) is the perfect addition to your skin care routine. With a warm, nutty scent of shea, this kit is designed to deliver moisturization—especially the rich body butter, which melts into skin, leaving it visibly hydrated. Plus, all skin care products in this kit work in tandem to slow hair regrowth and reduce hair thickness between waxes.   


Shea Body Wash: ​
This multi-benefit body wash keeps skin smooth and fresh while slowing hair regrowth between waxes


Shea Body Polish:
A creamy polish that removes dull skin, slows hair regrowth and reduces hair thickness


Shea Body Butter:
Ultra-moisturizing formula softens and hydrates skin, delivering 12+ hours of hydration

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  • Treat Ingrowns

  • Slow Hair Growth

  • Groom Brows

  • Exfoliate Skin

Meet the new dream team! Our fan favorite Ingrown Hair Serum has added two new benefits to its legendary formula.


Want that silky smooth post-wax feeling to keep on keepin’ on? Our Slow products help visibly reduce hair regrowth.


Groom has everything you need to achieve brow perfection, including pencils, powders, gel, and a volumizing serum.


Get an instant radiance with our exfoliating products. Our non-abrasive formulas even skin tone, unclog pores, remove dead skin cells, and help you get the most out of your skin care routine.


Easy as EWC

  • Step 1: Enjoy Your Wax

    Choose your service and let our Wax Specialists do the rest. Their extensive training and commitment to our hygiene standards means you’ll experience a comfortable wax that leaves you feeling confident.

  • Step 2: Your Between Routine

    After the service, your Wax Specialist can show you what products to use in between waxes to help enhance and extend your amazing results while also caring for your skin.

  • Step 3:Book Your Service

    Whether you booked a reservation at the end of your last visit, or decide to book online, we’ve made it easy to fit waxing into your schedule and request your favorite Specialist each time.

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