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Why You Should Totally Make the Switch to Aluminum-Free Deodorant

It's 2022—and the quality and ingredients of your skin care routine are important to you. Learn how going aluminum-free can be a deodorant game changer. 

It's 2022—and the quality and ingredients of your skin care routine are important to you.
Learn how going aluminum-free can be a deodorant game changer. 

Deodorant has come a long way since the days of a chalky white stick, messy roll-ons, and planet-destroying aerosol cans of powdery-scented mist. Past its initial job of banishing underarm odor, deodorant has really become a part of skin care. After all, you want to look amazing in that tank top, and that means having beautiful, nourished underarms. (Yes, we said it and yes, it's possible!) 

The good news? Our EWC Slow Aloe Deodorant has everything you'd want (and not want!) in a deodorant: its aluminum-free formula fights odors, the soothing aloe formula moisturizes and nourishes your skin, and it contains narcissus bulb extract which visibly reduces hair regrowth in between waxes.

Looking at it, our aluminum-free Aloe Deodorant is pretty compact, but don't let that fool you: this little stick of clear goodness will last you a long time! It also has a light, fresh, unisex scent, making it perfect for everyone. 

Benefits of Using EWC SLOW™ Aloe Aluminum-Free Deodorant

crossed out aluminum and alcohol

Doesn't contain aluminum or alcohol, which can dry out + irritate skin

crossed out deodorant stick

Goes on clear, so no cake-y, white residue on skin or clothes

purple hourglass with an arrow going around it

Naturally-derived narcissus bulb extract helps visibly slow hair regrowth between waxes

droplet entering the skin layer

Our aloe formula nourishes skin + keeps it hydrated for up to 24 hours

Everything You Need to Know About Going Aluminum-Free


Our EWC SLOW™ Aloe Deodorant

• Soothing, aloe-rich formula nourishes skin

• Long-lasting odor protection

• Helps visibly slow hair regrowth between waxes

• Has a soft, fresh unisex scent


21-30 Days

thirty-one day calendar


unclogged pore

Pores start to unclog

outline of a sweaty arm pit

Sweat increases temporarily


aluminum leaving a pore

Built-up aluminum clears

armpit next to a bacteria icon

Odor-causing bacteria subsides


purple outline of a clock

Detox is complete

armpit without sweat or odor

Sweat + odor level off

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Discover the difference between deodorants vs. antiperspirants vs. the 2-in-1

If you're using a regular deodorant, its sole purpose is to prevent odor. Many conventional deodorants also use ingredients like alcohol to help kill off underarm bacteria. However, people with sensitive skin often find alcohol can be drying and/or cause irritation. 

That's what makes our Aloe Deodorant so different. First, it's packed with skin-nourishing ingredients like aloe and Vitamin E for soothing hydration. And second, it's formulated with naturally-derived narcissus bulb extract, which helps slow hair regrowth in between waxes. 


The main difference between an antiperspirant vs. a deodorant is the antiperspirant's ability to prevent sweat from leaving your sweat glands, so it never has the chance to combine with the bacteria under your arm. When sweat and bacteria mix, it causes underarm odor. 

Antiperspirants usually contain aluminum in order to be effective. When that aluminum mixes with your sweat, it creates a gel-like barrier that blocks your sweat gland ducts. This is how antiperspirants help keep your underarms dry. 


An antiperspirant + deodorant 2-in-1 combo is a popular option. It's the antiperspirant part of this that usually contains aluminum. When that aluminum mixes with your sweat, it creates that gel-like barrier that blocks your sweat gland ducts. 

For a lot of people, though, ingredients like aluminum and alcohol can be incredibly drying and can cause irritation. (And let's be real: having itchy, scaly underarms aren't really a great look for anyone!)

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