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Our Top Men's Waxing Services—and Why They Love Them

Men, it’s time to say goodbye to itchy stubble, ingrown hairs, missed spots and daily upkeep. Get ready to experience a new kind of well-groomed—where your results last longer, and your skin stays smooth + bump-free. 

Between our almost-magical Comfort Wax®️, which makes the waxing process much more comfortable, to our Wax Specialists, who are the most trained professionals in the industry, we’re here to make your waxing service a breeze. Plus, we also offer an entire collection of unisex post-wax aftercare products to help extend your day-one wax results and keep your skin looking clear and smooth.

Want to learn more? We posed some of the most common questions we get about men’s waxing services to our Wax Specialists and Field Trainers.

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What are the most popular waxes men come in for?
· Back (most common)
· Shoulder
· Nose
· Ears
· Brows
· Back of Neck
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What differences am I likely to notice when I begin waxing? 
As you know, shaving can lead to bumps, redness, ingrown hairs and breakouts. Because of our waxing process and follow-up with products designed specifically for waxed skin, you’re much, much less likely to experience those issues. 
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What are some other benefits of waxing?
A lot of men tell us they love waxing from a hygiene standpoint. Less body hair means sweat and odor is less likely to linger. Most men report feeling cleaner and like their overall grooming is complete after a wax. 
EXPERT TIP: For best results, we recommend that you avoid sweating, either from working out or getting overheated, on the day of your wax. Sweat—and the bacteria that comes with it—can clog those newly-exposed pores, making places like your back more prone to breakouts.
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How often should I come in for a wax? 
Everyone’s hair grows back at a different pace, but to start out, we recommend every 4 weeks.

The great news is that when you’re on a regular wax routine, you’re actually training your hair to grow in thinner and finer each time, so you’ll have that sharp, polished look even longer.
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Does your aftercare line really make a difference? If so, which products do you recommend for men?
Our products make a HUGE difference! Our line was designed to be unisex, with clean, modern scents, so they’re great for everyone.
Our Ingrown Hair Serum is our best-seller, because it treats and prevents ingrown hairs, and not just for places you’ve waxed. Many men tell us they use it on their neck after shaving and have great results.
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We also have Ingrown Hair Wipes which are a great, mess-free solution for preventing ingrown hairs—and our wipes contain narcissus bulb extract which helps slow hair regrowth.
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Regular exfoliating and moisturizing also makes a huge difference. Our Fragrance Free Body Wash and Body Polish—and every product in our SLOW collection—help slow hair regrowth as well.
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What Men Are Saying About Waxing

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