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Our Experts' Top 3 Ingrown Hair Prevention Tips

In addition to our products that help treat + prevent ingrown hairs, our Wax Experts share their top skin care tips that'll help you say goodbye to ingrown hairs for good. 

Tip #1: Exfoliation is Key
A build-up of dead skin is what clogs your hair follicle—allowing the hair to grow back into the skin, causing an ingrown hair. 

Regular exfoliation not only keeps your skin looking and feeling great, it also acts as a great preventative measure for warding off ingrown hairs before they ever start. Plus, its a great addition to a regular skin care routine. 

Try our SLOW Aloe Body Polish, which contains jojoba beads that act as a physical exfoliant to slough away dead skin. Our Body Polishes are formulated with aloe vera and narcissus bulb extract to naturally reduce hair thickness between waxes.  
Or try the Face & Body Exfoliating Gel, a non-abrasive chemical exfoliant that provides a more gentle method to clear away dull, dead skin. 
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You'll also love our limited-edition Exfoliating Mitts—perfectly sized for all-over or targeted use. Featuring a cotton side gentle enough to use daily, and a nylon side for a deeper scrub, these mitts help clear away dead skin cells and impurities to help prevent ingrown hairs. 
Tip #2: Don't DIY!
Trust our Experts Instead
Although it can be tempting to do your hair removal at home, it's best to leave it to the pros—our Wax Specialists! 
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Since ingrown hairs can be caused by incorrect hair removal methods, let our experts handle it instead. You'll get a smoother, cleaner look with less pain and longer-lasting results. 

Plus, our Wax Specialists are super-knowledgable about what skin care products you can use pre- and post-wax to enhance your experience. 
Tip #3: Get on a Wax Routine
Regular waxing actually trains your hair to grow on the same schedule, and over time, your hair will grow back softer and finer. 
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And because waxing removes the hair at the root, you won't have the blunt ends often left behind from shaving.  When hair does grow back, it grows back thinner and softer. 

A regular waxing regimen combined with the right aftercare is sure to lead to better results and smoother skin!
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