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  5 Big Reasons Why Hair Removal Shouldn't Be DIY

Can you do anything you set your mind to? Yes. Should you always? Well, no—especially when it comes to DIY waxing. Instead, let our experts work their magic while you sit back + enjoy a little self-care.

We've all heard the horror stories: scalding wax, missed hairs, contorting yourself into weird angles and some serious discomfort. Here's the good news: you never have to worry about that, because the experts at EWC have your back. 

Damage Control

Waxing at home can harm your skin’s protective barrier, which helps keep out bacteria and germs. If you're not a waxing pro, you can accidentally damage skin, leading to rashes, infection or even permanent scarring and discoloration.

Did you know? One of the main causes of ingrown hairs is poor removal technique that cause the hair to break, like ripping the hair out in the wrong direction or at the wrong angle.

If you're waxing a spot like your brows, a DIY attempt often means you end up removing more than you intended.—leaving you with brows that are uneven or too thin. 

Have you ever tried getting spilled wax off of those amazing new towels you just splurged on? 

Before they apply our Comfort Wax, our Wax Experts coat the area you're waxing with a thin layer of specialty oil that helps grab the hair - not the skin.

Our Wax Specialists are total pros. They're all licensed professionals who receive extensive training to perfect the art of waxing. 

Sure, pencil-thin brows were all the rage in the 90s. But brows have made a major comeback, and having them expertly shaped completes your whole look. Our Wax Specialists can work with your face shape to craft the look you're going for. 

You'll have a quick, thorough and mess-free experience in one of our waxing suites—so no need to frantically search the web for "how to remove wax from fabric."

Ingredient Quality

Your wax has some....questionable ingredients, and you're not exactly sure where or how it was sourced. 

Our Comfort Wax is professional-grade and sourced from Europe. From where it's sourced to the proprietary good-for-skin ingredients, you can be assured you're getting the absolute best.  

Too Hot to Handle

Regulating the high temperatures that home waxing kits require is difficult and mistakes can lead to burns or scarring

If you do damage your skin—and you're not working in a professionally sanitized environment—your chances of getting an infection skyrocket. 

We've perfected our waxing process, so our Wax Specialists know exactly what temperature is best to apply safely to your skin. 

We also have rigorous safety and hygiene standards and we never, ever double-dip! 

It Hurts! 

Performing your own wax can make the process extra painful and stressful—and it'll also take a lot longer due to your natural hesitation to pull the strip and cause the discomfort yourself.

Applying wax that's too hot or too cold can also cause a lot of discomfort. 
A lot of things can cause pain and stress with a DIY wax: wax that's left on the skin too long; accidentally waxing over the same spot over + over; missing hairs because you can't get the right angle or see what you're doing. 

Let our Wax Experts take away all that potential pain and stress. Your skin will look amazing and you'll be perfectly smooth in minutes

Practice Makes Perfect

That 5 minute video you watched made waxing at home look a lot easier than it feels when you try it. 

Our Wax Specialists are estheticians who have years of experience, knowledge and training. They've done thousands of waxes—and they've honed the craft of waxing down to an almost art-like form! 

Plus, they also have the knowledge to recommend aftercare products from our exclusive collection that can help keep your skin smooth and bump-free—and extend your wax results even longer. 
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Reveal your most radiant skin at European Wax Center, where our waxing services and experts will have you feeling like your most confident self.

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