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Every Season is Sunscreen Season!

It's 2022—and the quality and ingredients of your skin care routine are important to you. Learn how going aluminum-free can be a deodorant game changer. 

Turns out, every day is a good day to protect that beautiful skin of yours from UV rays. Our EWC SLOW™ Daily Sunscreen offers water-resistant protection and—added bonus!it helps slow hair regrowth between waxes.

The sun's finally decided to come out and say hello again, and if you're like us, then you've probably already mentally planned your first poolside outfit. But before you head out, be sure to grab some sun protection: hat, sunnies and most importantly, some sunscreen to protect you from harmful UV rays. 

Want a sunscreen that does is better for you and the environment? Then look no further—our Aloe Daily Sunscreen literally does it all. 

EWC SLOW Aloe Daily Sunscreen Benefits: 

Broad-spectrum protection against BOTH UV-A + UV-B rays
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Water resistant for 40 minutes 
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Reef safe + benzene-free
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Can use it on both your body + your face
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Fast-absorbing, non-greasy + won't clog pores
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Visibly slows hair regrowth between waxes
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Fresh, unisex aloe scent
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The Lowdown on Sun Damage

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Cause skin to tan

Most of the sun's rays are UV-A

Deeply penetrate the skin

Responsible for aging, dark spots + wrinkles

Most likely to cause skin cancer

Approximately 80-85% of our aging is caused by sun exposure

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Causes redness + sunburns

Less likely to penetrate glass

UV-B rays have shorter, burning wavelengths that are stronger and more damaging than UV-A rays

UV-B rays are key for processing Vitamin D, which is a key nutrient of mental + physical health

Most likely to occur from early spring — early fall

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Even if you're indoors, UV-A rays can still come in through glass windows! 

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UV-A rays can also penetrate clouds, and are easily reflected off snowy + icy surfaces.

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