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A Wax Routine Can Save You Big—on Time and Money

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Take that time and money you'll save by getting on a wax routine and treat your bestie to a long, Sunday brunch (or do something else that's full of fun + self care!)

We believe good things come in 3s. That's why we say that the third wax is when you start to really see the  amazing results you get from waxing. Because after that third wax, all your hairs will be growing at the same rate—and that means no rogue strays.

While the per-application time for waxing and shaving can be similar, the number of times you have to shave per week versus the number of times you have to wax makes a BIG difference. So reclaim your time and do something meaningful, whether it's taking your four-legged friend on a more scenic morning walk, or sleeping in on a Saturday morning—the possibilities are endless!      

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Conservatively, if you estimate spending 30 minutes a week shaving, that works out to 2 hours a month!

With waxing? You could spend 30 minutes a month. 

Not only do you save time (and money) with waxing, you get better and more desirable results, like fewer ingrown hairs and finer hair texture the more often you wax.

Plus, we've created a line of products that are crafted by experts and designed especially for waxed skin that extend those results even further!

Some guest faves include our Ingrown Hair Serum, the EWC SLOW™ Aloe Polish, and EWC SLOW™ Shea Body Butter. 

All three contain narcissus bulb extract, which is naturally derived from plants and helps visibly reduce hair regrowth and hair thickness in between waxes. 

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And if you really want to take your savings to another level, a Wax Pass® can save you up to 25% off the retail price of your service. Wax Passes never expire, and can be used at any center. 

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Reveal your most radiant skin at European Wax Center, where our waxing services and experts will have you feeling like your most confident self.

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