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4 Reasons You Should Have a Wax Routine

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Thinking about making the switch from shaving to waxing? We've got 4 big reasons you should start your new wax routine today. 

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It's Quick

Our standard is to be mindful of your time, so we aim to complete your service in around 15 minutes. Services that cover larger areas (like back or legs) take a bit longer—but still much less time than if you shaved or attempted a DIY solution!     

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Longer-lasting Results

Shaving leaves hair behind. You might not see it the first day, but it’s there, just under your skin, waiting to sprout up and ruin your smooth new feel. 

Waxing removes hair by the root, so you won’t get that rough stubble like shaving can leave behind. With the whole hair removed, you’ll stay smoother longer. 

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It's Better for Your Skin

Our signature Comfort Wax® is made with the highest-quality beeswax and other good-for-you ingredients designed to calm and nurture skin. When applied, it's about the temperature of warm bath water, and it's made to adhere to hair—never your skin! 

Plus, unlike shaving, you never have to worry about nicks or scrapes.   

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Bumps + Ingrown Hairs are a Thing of the Past

The expertise of our Wax Specialists combined with our exclusive Comfort Wax® means the days of bracing for bumps, blemishes and ingrown hairs are behind you. 

For good measure, our Ingrown Hair Serums and Wipes were created specifically to complement our wax services by helping combat some of the common side effects of hair removal.  

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New guests can choose from a bikini line, underarm, nose, ear, brows, or upper, middle or lower back wax. Get 50% off if you choose a Brazilian wax, full bikini wax or full back wax.