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Get Your First Free Wax at European Wax Center

European Wax Center was created to give you a luxurious, first-class waxing experience. We’ve perfected the art of waxing to maximize comfort while giving every client silky, smooth, hair-free skin. At European Wax Center, we provide a full suite of waxing services, which includes eyebrow waxing, facial hair waxing, bikini and Brazilian waxing, and body waxing.

We are so confident you’ll love your waxing results that your first wax is on us! All new guests can choose between a bikini line, underarm, nose, ear, eyebrows, or upper, middle or lower back wax. If you’re ready to fully embrace smooth skin, upgrade to a full back wax, full bikini or Brazilian wax and receive 50% off your first wax. Once you’ve experienced this kind of smooth, you’ll never want to go back. Schedule your first free wax in a city near you today!

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The Secret is in the Wax

Our unique Comfort Wax® is our secret to delivering the best wax. Our signature violet wax is formulated with skin-soothing ingredients and beeswax sourced directly from Europe. It’s alcohol-free and gentle on all skin types. Best of all, our hard wax adheres to the hair and not to your skin. Whether you’re waxing your brows or bikini area, our proprietary Comfort Wax® maximizes comfort and effortlessly removes hair from the root, so you can be hair-free longer.

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Standards That Are a Hair above the Rest

We believe that to reveal oneself is to truly be beautiful, which is why we invented the 4 Steps to Smooth® process. Creating a first-class waxing experience starts with impeccable hygiene standards, extensive training, and a professional environment. Our certified wax specialists at European Wax Center adhere to the latest industry health standards and take pride in delivering a safe and comfortable experience for every guest. To ensure that you get the best wax experience, each private waxing suite is properly sanitized between guests. Our wax specialists use disinfected tools and gloves for every service. Double-dipping? We’ve never heard of it. Disposing wax sticks after each use guarantees cleanliness and minimal irritation for soft, glowing skin.


No Time for Razor Burn

Life is too short to spend time shaving and plucking. It’s also too short to deal with irritated skin, razor burn, or ingrown hairs. Make the switch to stubble-free skin at European Wax Center. With our top-of-the-line wax services, you’ll save time and money compared to traditional hair removal methods. Rather than shaving a few times a week, you can be fuzz-free for weeks at a time. The best part? Waxing is the gift that keeps on giving. After several waxing sessions, regrowth is sparse, fine, and thin. For the best waxing, our wax studios offer pre-paid Wax Passes®, so you never have to go a day with pesky hair. Simply choose from a variety of wax packages, and you’ll save up to 25% on waxing services. Schedule your first free wax at European Wax Center near you and get silky, radiant skin.

The More You Wax, the More You Save

With every dollar you spend at our wax studios, you’ll earn one EWC Reward point to spend on future products and services in center. Even better? Refer a friend who redeems our first free wax offer, and you’ll receive $10 in EWC Rewards® good towards our waxing services and products in center designed to exfoliate, slow hair growth, nourish skin, and banish bumps. After all, friends don’t let friends shave.


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Confidence is only a wax away! Schedule your first free wax and treat yourself to the best waxing near you at European Wax Center. Choose between a bikini line, underarm, nose, ear, eyebrows or upper, middle or lower back wax for your free service and our expert wax specialists will make sure you leave with glowing skin Reveal soft, beautiful skin at European Wax Center.