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The Secret to Slowing Hair Regrowth

Did you know? Every product in our EWC SLOW™ Collection was specifically created with a standout star ingredient—Narcissus Bulb Extract—to actually slow hair regrowth.

We’re big fans of the holistic waxing experience—providing a quick, professional waxing service, and then offering an aftercare routine to help extend those first-day results you love. 

Get ready to learn all about this super-effective, all-natural Narcissus Bulb Extract and why we love it so much we decided to put it in every SLOW body wash, body polish and moisturizer. 

What is Narcissus Bulb Extract?
You might know the Narcissus by its more common name: the daffodil. The narcissus bulb is what we use as our game-changing hair minimizing technology, working to slow hair regrowth in the same way it puts a daffodil into its dormancy phase.

All products in European Wax Center’s SLOW™ Collection are formulated with Narcissus Bulb Extract, a naturally derived ingredient, that's proven to slow, thin and minimize hair regrowth so you can get a bit more time in between waxes.  
How does Narcissus Bulb Extract work?
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"Narcissus bulb extract works by slowing hair regrowth at the root," explains Karly Thain, European Wax Center's Director of Product Strategy and Development.

"So the hair-minimizing properties from the Narcissus Bulb extract are really only effective on skin where hair's been removed directly from the root, versus shaving, which simply cuts hair off at the surface of the skin." 

KARLY'S TIP: For best results, we always recommend using our wash, polish and moisturizer together as a system on the body, and the deodorant on the underarms.
How can I minimize my hair regrowth using SLOW products?
Use our SLOW products daily for the most desirable results. Depending on your scent preference or moisturization level (normal, dry or combo), we recommend choosing the SLOW set that best suits your skincare needs, and making SLOW products part of your daily routine.
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Take your smooth to the next level by adding these SLOW superstars to your routine!

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