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Pre-Wax Prep: Expert Tips for Getting the Best Wax

These pre-wax hacks will help you get ready for your service and ensure you get the best wax possible—leaving behind smooth, beautiful skin. 

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Stop Shaving + Tweezing 5-7 Days Before Your Wax

This allows your hair to grow out—because hair that's about the length of a grain of rice allows our Comfort Wax® to get a better grip.

Gently Exfoliate Before Your Reservation

This removes dead skin and allows for a closer wax. It also dramatically lessens your chances of developing ingrown hairs post-wax. 

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Plan for Extra Sensitivity

Like a lot of other things, skin can be more sensitive during your menstrual cycle—so consider booking your reservation in between your cycles. 

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Get the Jump on Discomfort

If you're concerned about discomfort that may come from waxing—especially if it's your first time—consider taking an ibuprofen an hour prior to your wax. 

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Baggy is Best

Just-waxed skin is always a bit more sensitive. Wearing loose, thin clothing won't irritate your skin as much as restrictive, thick fabrics like spandex, lycra or denim. 

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Opt for Natural Fibers

Let your skin breathe! Natural fibers like cotton and silk promote airflow and won't stick to your skin like synthetic fabrics. 

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