If you’ve just experienced your first laser hair removal treatment with us, we hope you loved it! Because lasering is unlike other hair removal techniques, it’s essential to treat your skin with care to ensure you’re getting the best overall results.

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Embrace the Cool 
Your skin may feel slightly warm or sensitive after the treatment, so treat yourself to some cool comfort! Apply a cool compress or use an ice pack wrapped in a thin cloth to soothe any temporary discomfort. You'll feel refreshed and ready to conquer the world.

Avoid the Heat 
While we love a good sweat session, it's best to skip the gym, sauna, or hot tub for 48 hours after your treatment. Try not to do anything that causes your skin to get wet—like showering or sweating—after laser hair removal. Let your skin breathe and recover in its own time. Besides, it's the perfect excuse for a well-deserved meditation session or a relaxing Netflix binge! 

Gentle Care is Key 
Treat your skin with love and gentleness in the days following your treatment. Skincare after laser hair removal might change a bit, as you need to avoid using harsh scrubs, exfoliants, or abrasive skincare products in the treated area. Stick to gentle cleansers and moisturizers to keep your skin happy and hydrated. 

Be a Sun Protection Superstar 
Show your skin some love by shielding it from the sun's powerful rays. Always apply sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30 to the treated area, even if it's a cloudy day. Remember, sunburn and tanned skin can interfere with your fabulous results, and we want your skin to shine its brightest! 

Bye-bye to Hair Removal Methods 
For the best laser hair removal results, you should avoid shaving at least 10 days after your treatment. Let the laser work its magic without any interference. After those 10 days, you can shave if you feel the need, and 24-48 hours prior to your next last hair removal reservation, you’ll need to shave the area being treated.  

Have Patience, Darling 
Patience is a virtue, especially when it comes to laser hair removal. Your results won't appear overnight, but after 3 treatments, you can expect to see up to an 80% permanent reduction in hair. So stay positive and trust the process! We're here to support you every step of the way. 

Stay in Touch 
We're more than just laser hair removal experts—we're your partners on this exciting journey! If you have any questions, concerns, or simply want to share your progress, don't hesitate to reach out to us. 

Remember, taking care of your skin after your laser hair removal treatment is essential for achieving the best results. Follow these aftercare tips, embrace the process, and get ready to experience a life with fewer hassles and more confidence! 

In a Nutshell: 

  • Follow these instructions so you have the best results 
  • Post-treatment, a cool compress will help sooth any temporary discomfort 
  • Skip the gym, sauna, or hot tub for 48 hours after your treatment 
  • Avoid using harsh scrubs, exfoliants, or abrasive skincare products in the treated area 
  • Shield your skin from the sun, and if you do go out, use a minimum of SPF 30 on the treated area 
  • Hit pause on any, plucking, depilatory creams + waxing during your laser hair removal journey 
  • It takes time to see results, so be patient + trust the process 
  • Keep us posted on your experience and let us know if you have questions