woman in a mint green bikini with her eyebrows and eyelashes done looking over her sunglasses


What to Expect

woman with her brows and lashes done looking down with her eyes closed

Perfectly Prepped
Our wax experts start by cleansing your brows to make sure they are clean, makeup-free, and prepped for brow tint application.

Dye and Define
We offer five universal shades to give you the most natural-looking brows. Using the shade that compliments you best, our experts apply our specially-formulated colorant to your eyebrows, making sure to evenly distribute it throughout.

Activator Application
This is when the magic happens! Activator is applied directly on top of the brow tint to bring your brows to life.

Full and Fabulous Brows
Finally, a cleanser is used to remove the colorant and activator from your brows. The entire eyebrow tinting process takes about five minutes, and you’re left with bold and defined brows that last up to three weeks!