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Did You Know? Regular Waxing Actually Trains Your Hair

The 3 big things you need to know about how waxing trains your hair—and why that's exactly what you want. 

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Problem: The Strays
We’ve all had it: the stray hairs. You think you’ve shaved or plucked them all, only to have them come back at their will—longer, coarse, stubbly.  And doesn't it always seem like you find one when you're headed out the door to a big event. Definitely not the time for a rogue underarm hair. 
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Solution: Regular Waxing
Waxing removes hair at the root, essentially creating the same starting point for each hair as it grows. After your third wax, all your hairs will be growing at the same rate—so no rogue strays!

Plus, because waxing removes hair at the root, what does come back is finer, thinner and softer—and because of that, a lot of guests find that regular waxing also lessens overall discomfort levels.
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The Result: Smoother Skin That Lasts Longer
When you have a waxing routine, you'll notice better, more reliable results for smooth skin that stays smoother, longer. 

If you want to really extend that smoothness and take it to another level, follow your wax service with products like our EWC SLOW Aloe Body Lotion or our Ingrown Hair Wipes. Both products contain narcissus bulb extract, which visibly slows hair regrowth between waxes.​ 
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