Waxing For Men

Gone are the days of razor burn, nicks, and ingrown hairs. Let our Wax Specialists show you how effective and long-lasting our men’s waxing services can be! Waxing is for everyone, but we know men often have questions about our services and about the experience they can expect. If you’re curious about waxing, we made this space just for you!

Still not sure? Come try it for yourself! Get your first men’s nose, ear, brow, bikini line, underarm, or partial back wax FREE.

Or, get 50% off your first Brazilian or full back wax.

    Why Wax? Benefits of Waxing for Men 

  • Fast & Convenient 

  • Great For Hard-To-Reach Areas 

  • Low Maintenance & Long-Lasting

  • Reduces Ingrown Hairs & Razor Burn 

  • Hygienic & Less Messy 

Our Wax Specialists will have you in and out of the waxing suite in 30 minutes or less. With over 1,000 centers across the country, it’s likely there’s an EWC near you!

Let us help you remove unwanted body hair from areas like your back, neck, or shoulders. Our Wax Specialists are also trained to gently remove hair from delicate, difficult-to-reach areas like the ears and nostrils. 

Many men prefer waxing because you only have to come in every 3-4 weeks. Unlike shaving, waxing removes hair at the root leaving you smoother (and without stubble) for longer.

Over time, waxing also encourages hair to become thinner and grow back slower. So, while waxing keeps getting easier, the results just keep getting better.

Shaving (especially consistently) can irritate the skin. When hair is cut, it’s also more likely to become ingrown. Waxing can seriously minimize these concerns, which are common for many men!

Your Wax Specialist can also provide personalized product recommendations based on your skin type. Watch ingrowns and bumpy skin become a thing of the past.

Did you know that excess hair traps sweat and odor? Nothing beats the clean feeling of a fresh wax. Waxing also avoids the annoying mess trimming can leave behind.  

Cleanliness is a priority for us, and each of our private suites is thoroughly cleaned between guests. Plus, we never double-dip into our wax. 

Popular Waxing Services for Men

  • Whether you wax your arms and legs for athletics or comfort; your nose, ears, or brows to look well-groomed in a suit or your favorite shirt; your back to feel your best at the pool; or anything in between, our men’s waxing services can fit into your lifestyle. Because taking care of yourself is for everyBODY. 

  • Facial Waxing for Men

  • Ears


    Includes the inside and outside of the ears.

  • Nose


    Includes the inside and outside of the nose.

  • Neck


    Includes the front and back of the neck.

  • Chin


    This service includes the chin and lower lip.

  • Sideburns


    Includes the sideburns. (Does not include the cheeks or the neck.)

  • Brows


    Includes eyebrow consultation and shaping complete with waxing, trimming, and tweezing. Also includes filling in the brows with our EWC brow products.