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To Our Guests

June 11, 2020

Over the past few weeks, the associates of European Wax Center have come together to find a way we can generate positive change within our organization and within our communities in direct response to the senseless deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and countless others. We are having open and frank conversations with our Black associates, guests, partners and friends about how we can join the fight against systemic racism, inequality, and injustice – a pandemic that has plagued the United States for centuries.  

Our first step toward driving change is actively listening. All EWC associates are being asked for their passion and participation, because having the full support of our entire company makes the likelihood of success that much greater and we aim to present a united front. Although our EWC family is a diverse one, it’s imperative that we lift up the voices of our Black associates and collectively bear witness to their personal stories. Injustices they have experienced in their career and personal lives are truths we all need to hear and acknowledge, so that we, as an organization, can fuel real change and continue to create a company culture that embraces diversity and inclusion.

To help guide us, we are creating a Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council to spearhead the development of thoughtful internal and external initiatives that promote racial equality such as community engagement, new recruiting efforts and performance management metrics to help continue fostering the kind of working environment where associates feel represented, supported and heard.

We also want to take a deeper look at the ways prejudice and fear can manifest in the workplace. That means uncovering our own biases that, if not confronted, can cause harm to others. So both our executive leadership team and associates will participate in Unconscious Bias training, which requires that we take a deep and honest look at our actions and motivations. This training will certainly impact the positivity and inclusivity of our workplace, but our hope is that it does more—and touches each of our associates in personal ways that inspires them to take this new understanding out into their respective communities and enact it in their everyday life.

We also want to be deliberate how we contribute financially to any cause, because we believe that money alone cannot and should not absolve us from taking meaningful action. Together, with our Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council we are researching grassroots causes that address a myriad of issues that disproportionally affect Black communities, such as education and community health + wellness, to determine the best approach.

Additionally, we are recommitting to and reinforcing our Anti-Discrimination Policy. Although this policy is not new for us, we want to make it clear to our entire company and network that our actions will follow our words. Period.

For us, this is not instituting a policy or two and being done. We recognize that confronting racism extends beyond the Black community, and we remain resolute in focusing on all racial diversity as we go forward. Today, we want our Black leaders and associates to know we’re going to continually stand with them as fierce allies.

Now is not the time to stand idly by. It is the time to be vocal, staunch allies, and do so in the caring spirit that has always led us. We’re appreciative of our guests, their feedback to us, and of the honest and thoughtful suggestions of how we can do more to promote equality from within.

In Solidarity,

The EWC Team

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