woman sitting in a chair on the beach
woman sitting in a chair on the beach

COVID-19 and European Wax Center


Based on recent guidance from federal agencies like the Centers for Disease (CDC) and state and local governing bodies individually owned and operated European Wax Centers have begun to reopen. 

 As the leader in the waxing industry, European Wax Center always takes hygiene and safety seriously, and in light of the COVID-19 situation we have increased our policies and practices. European Wax Center is committed to the highest sanitation standards for our guests and employees to ensure the health and safety of all who enter our centers.  Read More on our Sanitation Standards

As you know, this is an unprecedented and fluid situation. We’ll continue to make our decisions about possible re-openings and sanitation based on scientific and medical recommendations.

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to being able to serve you and the community again.

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girl and boy in workout clothes smiling


The answers to your frequently asked questions

Introducing Contactless Check-In

Available at participating centers now.  As an additional safety measure, many of our open centers have closed their waiting area. Instead, guests text to check-in and then wait in the comfort of their car or safely outside the center for a text notification when their reservation begins. 

Click here for more information. 

What are your hygiene protocols?

As always, EWC takes hygiene and safety very seriously. 

While we continue to follow applicable occupational health and safety regulations every day, we’ve also boosted our sanitation procedures by placing extra precautions to ensure the health and safety of our guests and associates. 

European Wax Center’s rigorous sanitation and cleaning measures have always included:

  • New gloves are used by wax specialists for EVERY guest
  • All tweezers and tools are soaked in DISINFECTANT
  • Wax Suite beds are SANITIZED with disinfecting wipes after each guest and FRESH BED PAPER is pulled for each guest
  • Waxing sticks are NEVER DOUBLE-DIPPED and the large stir stick is disposed of after each guest
  • Brow brushes and spoolies are DISPOSED of after each guest

Additionally, we’ve added more health & safety commitments to further protect our guests:

  • Enhanced industry-leading cleaning and sanitization standards through COVID-19 SANITATION CERTIFICATION
  • Wax Specialists equipped with single-use MASKS; FACE SHIELDS for select face services  
  • Additional, frequent DEEP-CLEANING of high-frequency touchpoints
  • ELIMINATION of product testers and non-essential items in center
  • Additional trainings and sanitation trainings for associates and wax specialists
  • Social distancing standing squares 
  • Discontinued hand shaking and other non-essential contact 

When will my center reopen?

As you know, this is an unprecedented and very fluid situation for everyone, and as it unfolds, we’ll continue to make our decisions about possible re-openings based on scientific and medical recommendations from federal agencies like the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and state and local governing bodies. 

To see if your center is open or closed, please search for your location and look for an open/closed notice. 

 For the most up to date information follow us on social media and sign up for email. 

My center is closed, but I have an upcoming appointment. What should I do?

You don’t have to do anything. Your center may reach out to let you know your appointment has been canceled. If your appointment does not get canceled, don’t worry: you won’t be penalized as a “no-show.” Centers will contact you to rebook or you may rebook online once the center reopens again. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your loyalty and patience.

Why can’t I book online?

While centers are closed online booking is unavailable. Once we have confirmation your center is reopening we will allow online booking to continue.

Why can’t I book a particular service?

European Wax Center is following all state and local ordinances. Due to some of the regulations for waxing salons, certain services may be unavailable at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Are you preventing frontline workers from having PPE by being open?

The medical supplies we use in our centers for the safety and hygiene of our guests does not take away from medical PPE supplies. We have worked very closely with our suppliers to ensure we are providing sanitation while not taking away from the community needs.

What about my Wax Pass?

To help in these trying times, we have evaluated our Wax Pass policy and determined the following to assist our valued guests:

  • If you have an unexpired Unlimited Wax Pass as of 3/10, we’re extending the expiration of that Pass for 90 days
  • Reminder: Pre-paid Wax Passes never expire
  • All Wax Pass payment installments as of 3/25 have been suspended until your center reopens

You don’t need to do anything additional as these changes will be made automatically to your account. 

What happens with my Wax Pass payment installments when my center opens?

Once a center reopens, Wax Pass payment installments will be turned back on. You will be charged your normal Wax Pass charge amount on the same day of the month you have been charged prior. We recommend looking at your own bank statements to determine what date your installment comes out on and the amount of your individual installment.

Still have questions or concerns? Contact your local center directly for assistance. SEARCH CENTER

What about my Birthday Coupon?

March, April and May Birthday Coupons have been extended through June 30, 2020. You will be able to use unused Birthday promotions during your next wax.

Why is there an additional surcharge on my ticket?

In an effort to ensure the safety of our guests and associates, individually owned and operated European Wax Centers are investing in sanitation and personal protection equipment. In light of this, some centers may charge an additional surcharge of up to $2 per visit. We appreciate your understanding and support for our locally owned businesses.

For more advice—and to ask us any questions—visit us on social!

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